Why Is Juicing Better Than Using a Blender?

If you have ever heard about juicing before, you have probably heard many people raving about it. You would be surprised to know that people who juice are not all health nuts. However, when you start juicing, you will see that it quickly becomes a habit and then a passion. Many people feel that they can start off juicing by using a blender, but using a blender is nowhere near as good as using a regular juicing machine. There are many reasons why juicing is better than using a blender. Here are a few ideas for you to think about.kitchen-blender

A Blender Will Work, But…

You will see that if you are trying to make juice, you can actually do it with a blender, but it is not nearly as effective and there are actually many reasons why it is frowned upon to use a blender. When you use a blender, you are still getting juice, but you are also getting a lot of the pulp from the fruit or vegetable that you are juicing. When you’re using a juicer, you will see that you are not getting this pulp because it is removed and you are only getting the real juice from whatever it is that you are juicing. Many people do not like this pulp, so this is why a juicer is actually preferred. Additionally, you are not losing any nutrients when you use a blender, but you are consuming that pulp and that takes a longer time for your body to digest.

Purchase a Juicer

Regardless of how much you want to spend on a juicer, it is always a wise idea to get one. You can head out to your local store, like a Wal-Mart or a Target to get a juicer and you will not have to spend an arm and a leg on it. There are higher end models available, but you can wait until you get really into juicing to purchase one of them. If you do not have the money to get a juicer right away, you can always strain your juice with a piece of cheesecloth to get rid of the pulp until you can get a juicer. This works just as well and can save a few bucks, which can then be saved to get the juicer. In the end, though, you will want to spend the money to get a juicer because you will see that it actually pays for itself and you can even make nut butters or pasta with it too!

At the end of the day, if you find yourself curious about juicing and want to give it a try without spending a ton of money to get started, you can use a blender until you get the hang of things. It will work and you will be able to enjoy tasty juices. When you have extra funds and as you start to develop a passion for juicing, do not hesitate to purchase an actual juicer and reap the benefits!

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Vegetable and Fruit Juicing for Weight Loss

An ideal way to lose weight is to eat healthy fruits. While it may be a time more difficult than consuming a quick unhealthy snack, it is still worthwhile because it offers you the ideal results which are long lasting. This article will study the benefits of the African mango, the fruit that aims to inspire you to look at yourself in the mirror and see a different you altogether. The mirror serves as the ideal means to further push you to have the fruit that works to your benefit. Are you keen to consume African mango juice?

If you are willing to do it or even consider consuming this fruit, then read this article which will convince you that losing weight is the key to becoming healthy and successful. The mango is created mainly out of dikka seeds which have been consumed by people in Africa for centuries as it has always aided them in losing weight. Nevertheless, if you happen to consume the African mango, then it is basically a modified version of dikka seeds which has been brought together to allow you to relish the flavor while enjoying the basic benefit of losing weight. When you are really willing to lose weight, then you have to understand that the juicing of this fruit will be the key ingredient in weight loss. Therefore, just make sure that you have the fruit juice for your own good.

How are you supposed to consume the fruits and vegetables for rapid weight loss? You must start by going at a slow pace by simply consuming minimum quantities of fresh juice and if you are juicing for the very first time, then it is suggested that you only consume some amounts rather than jump in with both feet. It is because you will need to make sure that the excess juice is not causing any side effects, sometimes it takes a few days for your body to adapt to a new diet. If you are keen to allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of this healthy juice, then just give yourself the push that is needed to get yourself started.


The next thing will be to determine how the fruit juice is working for your body. You will definitely need to check whether the juice is doing you any good, ideally you will have more energy, sleep sounder, have less of an appetite and generally feel better. Thus, if you are willing to make a change according to your desires and needs, then you will also find that after consuming the African mango and seeing the results, you may want to also start an exercise program. If you are keen to do whatever you feel like doing, then the mango will serve you well. You need to be sure to consume the African mango in appropriate amounts and quantities so that you could give yourself the necessary push via its consumption. Your body will benefit significantly by consuming the African mango for it serves you in the best manner. Give it a week or two of consistent consumption and then determine if you see and feel the benefits, then you will be able to make a determination whether it works to your benefit.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Juice Machine

A Juicing machine is an appliance used to separate juice from fruits, vegetables and herbs. When looking for a juicing machine, first of all decide what purpose it will be used for. If it is to be used for citrus fruit only, then a citrus juicer will be the option to be considered. If it is to be used for fruits and vegetables other than Juice Machinecitrus, then an extractor or centrifugal juicer is required. When you are contemplating purchasing a juicing machine consider how often the machine will be used and what purpose it will be used for. Now ask yourself, is it important that that the machine looks good on the counter and can be easily stored. Some companies use the best quality materials to make their juicing machines look sleek. Some extractors available on the market today allow the user to consume the pulp and also extract more quantity as compared to other juicers. Masticating machines have features which extract the maximum quantity of juice.

For some people the cost may not be that important when compared to the speed of the juicing machine. Many fast juicers extract about one standard glass of juice in 5 to 10 seconds. If speed is an important factor go for a high wattage motor with a high number of revolutions per minute. The drawback to high speed machines is that they may heat up in such a way that they may destroy the enzymes and antioxidants, thereby decreasing the nutritional value of the juice. The juicing machine that one chooses should be easy to disassemble and clean. Look for juicers with filters that are easy to clean. The warranty offered on the juicing machine is also an important factor to be considered. A juicer with a longer warranty does not mean it is a high priced juicer. The price may vary due to other factors. Citrus juicers and extractors seem to attract people who like to make and drink juice made from fresh fruits. Choose a machine that fits your budget and also one which does not consume a lot of power.

A handy juicer machine is becoming a common fixture in almost all the kitchens worldwide. As more and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of drinking juice, the sale of juicing machines has increased. It was invented by Dr. Norman Walker about some 80 years ago. Now there is a plethora of brands available on the market to choose from where each brand has new and unique features to offer to the consumer.

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